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Eco-Tex Rose

Australian Specialty Inks

Eco-Tex Rose

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ASI Eco-Tex is an ink system designed to print on a range of fabrics. The product was developed in Australia for local print conditions. Formulations are environmentally friendly using neither lead pigments nor any form of Hydrocarbon Solvents.

The ink system have proven to be ideally suited for both commercial printers and the hobbyist alike. Both the Standard and Super Cover ranges have proven to be suitable for most fabrics*.

*As it is impossible to laboratory test all fabrics, we stress that the end user must do individual tests to ensure the inks are suitable for the fabric to be printed.


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Photo GJS Code Manuf. Code Description Availability Qty. Price ex. GST Units Fav.
Eco-Tex Rose -   613111 TX10   Login/Signup $16.00 1L
Eco-Tex Rose -   613114 TX10   Login/Signup $52.00 4L
Product Specifications

180°C: 2-3mins
140°C: 5-6mins
120°C: 8-9mins

Mesh32 to 43T
StencilWater resistant or dual cure
Coverage15 to 20m2/L
Colour Range20 Standard, 10 Supercover, White, Black & Extender
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Daniel Sparrow

"The thing I like the best about GJS Machinery is the ultra fast processing of orders & delivery time. Im located in remote South Australia & I can guarantee I normally receive my GJS order within 2 days of ordering , sometimes the very next day! There is NO other company who delivers such speedy service. "
Stacey Moroney

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