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DP90T - 230cm Width

Unirich Bolting Cloth

DP90T - 230cm Width

Used for illustrational purposes only

Unirich mesh is manufactured on the latest German equipment using 100% Swiss monofilament raw materials.

Unirich monofilament mesh can be used for printing and filtration applications in various industries like ceramics, graphics, PCB, textiles, chemicals and food-related industries.

Roll Length: 50m

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DP90T - 230cm Width - Yellow 301651 DP90T/230 Yellow Login/Signup $41.75
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Product Specifications
Mesh Count [per cm/per inch]: 90 / 230
Mesh Tolerance [±n/cm] : 2.5
Colour: White / Yellow
Weave: 1:1
Thread Diameter [µ] : 48
Mesh Opening [µ] : 55
Open Area [%] : 24
Thickness [µ] : 72 ± 5
Theoretic ink Volume [cm3/m2] : 17.28
Weight [g/m2] : 52.74
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"A pity that I didnt buy my equipment from you, as the training course looks very useful, most other companies seem to be sadly lacking in technical help in use of their products, so it is basically a matter of trial and error, which is somewhat costly, a misprinted mug isnt worth much."
Vince Wathen

"Greg put together a package for our Charity fundraising and was so helpful. I was only looking for a small solution and he came through with a huge response and thanks to the lovely lady who co-ordinated it all (I have misplaced her name.) Thank-you! Thank-you!"
Tracey Rex

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